About Wealth Pi


Be not afraid of growing slowly, be afraid only of standing still

Chinese proverb


You relax while we make your investments grow

Our mission

Bring first class property deals to investors to build their wealth.  To support established and reputable developers with their funding needs as and how required.

What we offer investors

Wealth Pi Fund offers investors a selection of Australian property investments across the capital stack from mortgages (first and low leveraged second) to high quality preferred equity in the Australian property development market. This market has undergone significant change recently with banks retreating and lowering their exposure to this sector opening up significant opportunities for astute investors. Understanding the variation in quality of property deals in this market, Wealth Pi undertakes rigorous due diligence procedures to select only the premium and worthy projects to invest in. Each Wealth Pi investment opportunity is either a stand-alone property loan or preferred equity or a construction loan.

This variation allows our investors to choose investment projects to suit their own risk/return profile, to arrange their investments to fit with their cash-flow requirements, to adhere to their own risk parameters, and to focus on preferred asset classes or geographic areas. The return and term varies on each independent project.

What we offer borrowers

With the recent changes to the  lending landscape for property developers in Australia, Wealth Pi has focused on providing funding solutions for high quality developers and builders.  A professional and realistic approach to funding, coupled with the experience and a deep knowledge required to deal in this market ensures the financial needs of developers and builders are met.  

With access to a varied channel of funding ensures each project gets funding in the best fit possible.  This can be from individual investors, key partnerships both here and in Hong Kong or through bond issuance.

Experience and culture

In 15 months since inception the team has financed over $265 million in property deals.  The team is a perfect mix of experience and talent, ideal to undertake the many nuances in property investment and to have access to  funding through a number of different channels. Our approach is highly collaborative promoting a positive culture, to ensure Wealth Pi can continue to grow responsibly with proper governance structures.  Important to this is the strength of our two key partnerships with Pallas Capital, Sydney and Tyee Capital, Hong Kong.

Our team of professionals and market experts support the process so every aspect is managed, from deal creation, property backed investment opportunity origination, project management through their life until repayment with interest is complete.