Pallas Capital

Wealth Pi fund and Pallas Capital established a joint venture which is called Loan lending management service Pty Ltd,  for managing loans under two companies. Pallas Capital operates a highly successful team of professionals and market experts, who originate property-backed investment opportunities for sophisticated investors looking for high yield with relatively low risk, alongside;

  • Well-secured loans to reputable and competent borrowers, and
  • Equity in quality property development projects by experienced sponsors.

Each Pallas Capital investment is a participation in stand-alone property loan or property development project.

This allows our investors to choose their own risk/return profile, to arrange their investments to fit in with their cash-flow requirements, to set their own risk parameters and to focus on preferred asset classes or geographic areas.

The team is a high-quality collective with extensive experience in capital management and Australian property transactions with a combined experience of over 200 years, and have the reputation as one of Australia’s leading property market investment teams.  Patrick Keenan, Dan Gallen and Charles Mellick (Chairman and Directors) work closely with Wealth Pi to ensure investors have full transparency to the investment deals and Pallas Capital takes an investment in all its deals.