An investment firm that specialises in

quality property deals

 Tailored funding solutions

for developers and builders and

  Quality investment opportunities

for sophisticated investors.

Why We Are the Best?

For investors

A selection of quality Australian property investments from first mortgage through to preferred equity.  The variation allows investors to best meet their risk return requirements.

Developers / Builders

Access to funding tailored to best meet your cash flow needs efficiently and professionally.

The team

Access to a team of experienced and talented individuals created to undertake all the variations in property investments and lending to ensure every aspect of each project is undertaken using the highest standards for success.

We Believe

Investors should have access to first-class property deals to match their investment needs

Developers and builders should have access to the bespoke funding to ensure the best outcome for the project(s)

The process of investing should be transparent and easy to understand

Working collaboratively gets the best results

Our Success




Transactions ($ Millions)


Annual average return achieved in 2018 (for investors)


Key Partners

Why Invest With Us

ASIC Licensing

Through a related party, Pallas Funds Pty Ltd, Pallas Capital Pty Ltd and Wealth Pi Pty Ltd are authorised representatives of an Australian Financial Services License “AFSL” issued by ASIC that allows the operations outlined here-in https://asic.gov.au/for-finance-professionals/afs-licensees/

Loan Origination

We have credibility with a network of high-quality loan referrers and borrowers that new participants cannot access.

Credit Review and Loan Approval

In-house capability of seasoned loan underwriters supported by a background in law and principal property investing. Wealth Pi and Pallas Capital meet with every borrower, inspect each property, engages with suitably qualified valuation consultants, and uses specialised legal firms to document each loan.

Experience and culture

In just over 2 years since inception the team has financed over $370 million in property deals. The team is a perfect mix of experience and talent, ideal to undertake the many nuances in property investment and to have access to funding through a number of different channels. Our approach is highly collaborative promoting a positive culture, to ensure Wealth Pi operates with stringent governance structures.

Portfolio Management and Asset Recovery

Portfolio Management and Asset Recovery if required, by experienced consultants.

Our Partners